Known problems

zunplex is a small tool, but as any software out there, it probably contains bug and shows issues. I dont receive a lot of feedback about what is working out there and what not, but I guess there are simply not many users out there.
But I will give you a brief overview about what you should keep in mind while using zunplex:
  • Space problems in your targetZunplex will not estimate if your playlist files fit into your target drive. If zunplex runs out of space during the copy process it will abort this transfer and you have to check yourself, which songs were copied and which not. This is not really a big problem, but other functions e.g. "Analyzation of deleted files" may give strange results afterwards.
  • Folder access / File permissions - As I got a report by a user, there was a problem to access the MP3 source files while they are located on a shared folder that needs special user login data to access them. (something that is known as "user impersonation", and zunplex cannot handle it ...sorry!)
  • MP3 file renames - Folder moves, ...
    If you rename any MP3 file or move your songs within your target, this is something zunplex can not detect. This means, if you expect any intelligence from zunplex you probably get dissapointed here. 
    So maybe you will end up having all your renamed files twice in your target (after you did a second "transfer" process) or, the "Analyzation of deleted files" will give you 'false' warnings.
  • Miscellaneous
    • If you have a big playlist, the reading/loading of it may take a minute or more. During this timeframe the info box showing you the actual action could become unresponsive and a windows message could be shwon that "this app is not responding". But if you still wait a bit everything goes fine.
    • You currently cannot scroll the "preview list" of the songs that were found to have been deleted


  1. This is a fantastic tool. The only problem I'm having is that I can't get the analyzation of deleted files to work. I have the keep track of deletions box checked, and the xml file does generate. But, when I delete a song from a zune playlist, and reload that zpl in zunplex and run the transfer again, the check deletions buttons are always grayed out. Nothing I do lets me click those buttons. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Thanks! :-)
    That is a bit weird, cause the "Check XX Deletions" buttons should be available as soon as a "zunplex.xml" file is found (or written) in the target dir.
    Can you do a simple test (e.g. with a small playlist) while setting as target a simple folder on your harddrive. Just to see if the zunplex.xml cannot be found due to some strange behavior of your device, smart phone, memory card (?).
    Best wishes.

    1. I appreciate the response. I did the test as you suggested. The program does create zunplex.xml in the target folder. Even so, the buttons are still greyed out. Then, if I close the program, the zunplex.xml file is somehow deleted, so that when I restart the program, it is gone.

      I made a copy of zunplex.xml, closed the program, the original was deleted, then renamed my copy to zunplex.xml. After that, when I start the program, the buttons do work.

    2. Oh yes, you are very right. What a stupid bug in the code, that caused the zunplex.xml to get deleted (at least in some? cases).
      Thanks for your patience ... I'm gonna release a new version (Ver. 10) within next hours.

    3. I haven't been able to try it out until today, but I wanted to say that it works great now. Really appreciate you putting this program together and taking time to fix that little bug. Thanks again.

    4. You're welcome.
      Since I guess, there are only a few people out there using "check for deletions", and me, I have a small problem of memory space on my android (so actually I cannot load all my playlist onto the phone) so I test this function only occasionally by the method mentioned above; So I guess you will find maybe more little bugs.
      I would appreciate it, if you share them with me, Thanks!

  3. Hi Copa Copa,

    Really Great Tool, Thanks- I did this because even though my Zune 120Gb of 4yrs is still going strong, I just did it as a back-up and for possibly a new player- (Who wants to pay $500 on Amazon for a new Zune 120?)

    One thing,on Zunplex a few of my Old Playlists were directed to a drive that no longer exists, I guess because I upgraded my computer about a year ago- Its very simple to solve though, just create another playlist (similar named) and Copy/Paste from one to the other, sync and then delete & Remove the old playlist. When you open Zunplex to the new "version" of the playlist it runs flawlessly.

    Thanks again
    Regards David

  4. Hi David, thanks for your message.
    You're right about the prices for Zunes.

    I'm afraid I dont't get it, your issue or problem.
    Yes, Zunplex cannot handle or fix any wrong paths to old drives.
    If you want, write a direct mail to me, with the hyperlink from the applications GUI, I would be glad to hear about enhancement ideas.

  5. Hi Copa Copa,

    Oh No, I do not have any ideas per se for your great work :-), FYI let me try explain:

    My Zune Files are all stored on an Ext RAID, which is designated (F) drive, on my older playlists, the Zunplex couldn't find any of the songs because all the songs had the the path (D) drive.
    I am guessing this is because I upgraded my computer about a year ago and maybe this Ext RAID was a (D) drive on my old computer?.

    I am also surmising that the reason this has not been a problem is these older playlists have been on my device for awhile and I have never changed them.......... to add to the confusion, when I changed over my computer I did have some playlists now appearing with a "(2)" after it suggesting there are/were two of the same playlist around?

    Like I say, the problem was addressed by just creating a new playlist with a similar name (e.g existing playlist "80's Soul" NEW playlist "David's 80's Soul" copy/paste all the songs from existing to new playlist and then delete the old one from software and Device.

    When you open Zunplex, it finds the new one no problem and all is right in the world.

    I hope this makes sense?

    Thanks & Regards David

  6. Love this so much. Both my zunes have since been laid to rest. I have since been using my mobile for my music player. I just purchased the HTC One and it seems I can't upload any music via Zunplex. I could be something I am doing wrong or since there is only internal storage there is something blocking Zunplex from seeing it as readable storage. Any help you might have would be very appreciated. Once again, thanks for your work with this great program!

  7. Hi Rian, thanks for kudos! Please send a (blank) mail to zunplex at gmail and we can do some test together.... Cheers

  8. lifesaving little app! i'll be able to use the Zune PC software for years to come thanks to you :)