The little details

Configure the type of the subdirectory creation 
in target by the help of the following 2 controls:

You can decide in which way zunplex shall create the layout of the folder structure while copying your files to the target.
Lets give an example: Since your files maybe are residing in a deep folder structure like C:\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents\My Music you will understand, that it makes no sense to re-produce all those subfolders inside your target. 
Thus zunplex gives you 4 different possibilities to face this problem:
  1. Omit no. of subdirs from left
    You can tell zunplex how many subfolders shall be ignored from left hand side
  2. Keep number of subdirs from right
    This is my favorite setting. I set the amount to "2". So I have the Artist and the Album name as a 2-step subdirectorie structure in my target
  3. Create no subirs in target
    All music files will be side by side in the same folder (your target)
  4. Repeat full source path
    The whole subfolder structure will be re-created in your target (except the drive letter)
  5. Keep one folder item (new since Ver. 12, suggested by user evlred)
    Only one item from path structure will be re-used as subdirectory in target (e.g. all songs from 1 artist directly in one subfolder. The number selector determines which folder item shall be used from the source path structure

Remember: If you change this setting after you have copied the files once and you copy the files later again (by pressing "Transfer") you probably will have every file twice in your target.

Let zunplex create a M3U playlist file 

 If the checkbox is enabled, zunplex will create a M3U playlist file in your target directory, that contains a link to all those songs that were copied to your target during last "transfer". The playlist file will have the same name as your zpl playlist file.

Save the pair of playlist and target folder 
to maintain many "transfer connections" 

If you want to reuse a pair of playlist file and target folder at any later time you have to manually save them by the help of the options described here. For this reason zunplex will create a small file "zunplexSavedLinks.xml" in the same folder where zunplex.exe is located.

  • To save your current selection (a pair of playlist file and target folder) press "Save/Load Link..." and then choose the 1st option of the menu "Save current playlist/target pair"
  • To delete the current pair of playlist and target folder choose the 2nd option in the context menu (if this pair doesn't exist inside the "saved pairs" nothing will happen)
  • To recall any of your saved connections click on "Load saved pair". Like in the screenshot above, you will see all exisiting playlist-target-pairs. Choose one of them, and they will be taken over to the textboxes in the main GUI.
The context menu for every song in the play list 

By the help of this 3 menu entries you have the following possibilities when you right click on a row in the list:

  • Delete this song from the zpl - Removes this item from your playlist, but does not delete it in your source folder (e.g. harddsik) nor on your target (your smartphone,...)
  • Delete song from harddisk - Deletes the MP3 file definitely from the source (and from the zpl as well)
  • Play song - with the default music player (That application will start, which is configured to be be the standard music player, exactly like when you double click a MP3 file in file explorer)


  1. I love this tool and have been using it to export my music onto an SD card for my car stereo. I have one request/suggestion for the destination subdirectory. I'd love to have just the artist folder preserved and not the album folder. Maybe add an option to keep only the folder name from a set interval from the left ( keep the X level sub-directory name from the left? )

  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I think I will include it next time. Best regards